Living Better for Less!

We told you we are coming back with a bang!

In 2023 we want you to feel better and stronger, to have more time and energy in your life and we believe we can give it to you!

So, we are putting our product where our mouth is and offering you a once in life time discount.

Living better for less,
try three consistent weeks of Balance Me and we will deliver your fourth week completely on us!


  • Less time spent in the kitchen
  • Less money spent on groceries
  • MORE energy
  • MORE time
  • MORE health
  • MORE diversity

Orders are open now with the first delivery to Wanaka, Cromwell, and Queenstown on the 15th of January.


* T and C’s Apply.

  • Applies for weekly or subscriptions orders. 
  • Not applicable with any other discounts or specials (10% off first order, special discounts)
  • If you are on a subscription, we will discount your subscription 100%** for your 4th week
  • If you are on weekly ordering, we will provide you with a 100%** discount code that will only be valid for your 4th week
  • **The 100% discount code will have a monetary value of your average spend from your 3 consistent weeks.
  • You must order 5 or 10 meals (this includes F45, Regular, family meals or packages that have more than 5 meals) for 3 consistent weeks.
  • The last chance to start your living better for less three consistent weeks is by placing your first order before the 3rd of February.


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