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Balance Me provides weekly ready-made meals to remove the stress of daily life decisions about what to eat, what is healthy, and how to cook with more diversity.

Many people have health-conscious values but are pulled with the ‘race of life’, sacrificing their nutrition, physical, and emotional needs.

Our meal plans take the time, energy, and stress out of feeding yourself and your loved ones giving you more time and more energy to support other areas of your life!

Through one-on-one support, cooking classes, and freshly-made plant based meals and snacks, our service helps the everyday person while also addressing issues such as chronic disease, energy and stress levels, mental health, food intolerances, and health issues.

The end goal of Balance Me is to help you take an informed approach to your diet and lifestyle choices, thus Building your Inner Health Toolbox.

Olivia started Balance Me to share her personal experiences and knowledge in nutritional psychology, and the power that food has on the body, mind, and spirit. 

Since she was a little girl, Olivia has always had a passion for cooking, teaching, and sharing food with friends. After leaving school she become a ski instructor and travelled the world. During her travels, she evolved her palate and began developing a passion for how food not only affects physical health, but mental and emotional health. This led her to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and a minor in Human Nutrition.

Olivia has made it her mission to show how plant-based cooking can be fun and exciting, but most of all, that it can heal people from chronic disease whether that being, physical, mental, or both.

Olivia’s hope is that Balance Me will provide a platform suitable for anyone. Regardless of dietary preferences, exercise habits, and prior knowledge of holistic wellbeing, Balance Me will cater to your goals.