Our Values

plant based meal


At Balance Me we help you incorporate more plants into your lifestyle and create food freedom. There is no calorie counting here. We focus on nutrient-dense plant foods; full of fibre, greens, good fats, and protein to keep you full and satisfied. We believe that eating an abundance of colours and including diversity will help you improve your gut health, thus, affecting your mental and physical health positively.


We only have one world so we need to look after it. At Balance Me we are constantly working to minimise our environmental impact. To do this we source our produce locally, ensure all packaging is compostable or reusable, and compost our kitchen scraps. We are constantly finding ways to further improve our efforts.

plant based meal
plant based meal


Our mental health dictates how we live our life and we have a lot more control over this than we think. At Balance Me we aspire to teach people the importance of food and how our gut health affects not only our overall health but specifically our mental health. Alongside a nutrition based approach, we aspire to teach people stress-relieving techniques and the importance of self care to improve their vitality. 


Community is an essential pillar to health. It provides a sense of well-being, involvement, and inclusion. We aspire to create a supportive and inclusive community to support people on their journey to a more enriched plant-based way of life. No matter your beginning, your story, or your final goal, you will find accountability, inspiration, and support within the Balance Me community.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing every client with a personal, non-judgemental, holistic health service to help them become healthier, happier individuals. In addition, we:

Compost it.

Commercially compostable packaging through Ecoware. All our scraps are turned into compost or fed to animals.

Recycle it.

Recyclable and reusable Chilltainers, no nasty icepacks.

Local it.

Source as many goods from local growers as possible.

Collect it.

Offer a pick up service to ensure the packaging gets sent to a commercial composter.