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Embracing health, both physical and mental, as a fundamental value. Total wellness comes from tending to all of your pillars. Health is foundation. Balance Me takes a healthy approach to life, well-being is important for all staff, stakeholders and customers. In everything Balance Me creates - your health and well-being are at the forefront!

Championing individual's freedom to make their own decisions regarding their health and well-being, while offering a supportive environment and valuable information and education to guide those decisions. 

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Cultivating an environment of trust and openness, being reliable and truthful, ensuring that individuals can confidently navigate their well-being journey. Supporting people with a "this AND that" approach, rather and "this OR that" so that they feel supported and guided rather than restricted. Being open and fostering a sense of community and connection, where individuals can thrive collectively, benefiting from shared knowledge and experiences, while recognising the importance of diverse perspectives. Treating every customer like we would our best friend. 

Eco conscious practices and a focus on minimising environmental impact. Sustainability also related to Balance Me's impact on the individual, supporting healthy lifestyles so that the best version of you exists - and you can live your life in the most sustainable way possible, to thrive for the long term.

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meet the founder

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing every client with a personal, non-judgemental, holistic health service to help them become healthier, happier individuals.