Meatless Monday Cook-alongs are back!

I am so excited to announce that Balance Me will be joining you in your Kitchen for another 6 week Meatless Monday Cook-along Block!

I have heard time and time again that people want to eat more plant-based but they don’t know where to start. Either your family or friends don’t support your decision, you don’t have a community to ask questions or for help, and most of all there are so many new recipes and unknown ingredients.

I want you to GET INSPIRED to jump into the kitchen, this 6-week block is FREE for you to join. Cook along live or watch the replay to suit your schedule!

Starting Monday, February 15th for 6 weeks learn new recipes, ask questions, have fun in the kitchen, and most importantly eat delicious, nutritious food.⁠ The first recipe will be released on the 8th of February.

For now, watch out for updates on the event page and join our Facebook community group to start asking questions and get prepared.

Like last time we will have a 6-week meal box subscription to have the ingredients delivered to your door every Sunday night so you are prepared to cook along on Monday evening.

I would love to know what time you would like Meatless Monday Cook- along to be. *

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