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Article: Autumn Seasonal Diversity


Autumn Seasonal Diversity

At Balance Me we talk alot about increasing your plant diversity and how we support you through our weekly meals, however, this year we are taking our education and communication up a notch. We are so excited to be providing you with more tools to build your inner health toolbox.

Whether you love cooking, not a fan of the kitchen, or simply want to understand more about how to diversify your life this EBOOK is for you.

olivia from balance me

So we bring you the Autumn Equinox Seasonal Diversity Toolkit Ebook and Checklist

This INCREDIBLE Ebook is full of information, guides, reflections, recipes, and checklists to educate, inspire, and give you actionable steps no matter where you are on your journey!

Suited for EVERYONE- no matter your eating choices, there is always a way to increase your diversity, feeding your microbes, overall supporting you more as a whole. FUN FACT. 80% of your immune system is made in your GUT = diverse happy fed microbes = healthier life.

At the start of each new season we will provide you with incredible education and a new checklist of ingredients that are seasonally available paired with some interesting nuts, seeds, and grains for you to try (to really up your diversity game). You’ll see that some of the ingredients on the list are available all the time, however we have carefully selected these plants for when they thrive in New Zealand, so you are more likely to find them at affordable prices, at your local grocer, or from your own backyard rather than imported.

Grains, nuts, and seeds are available year round, however, we have chosen uncommon options for you to experiment with.

In april when the growing season slows we have included other exciting ways to boost your diversity and nutrition!

We are with you all the way. You can use this incredible learning tool as much or as little as you like. Take what you need, create steps, create action, and come back to it when you’re ready to implement more.

We cannot WAIT so see your creations! Share them with your friends and family, and share your experience with us.

Lets nourish ourselves.

Join us, over the next three months we will be sharing on our socials (Facebook) (Instagram) Balance Me Specific tips and tricks for each ingredient, the nutritional powerhouse reasons why we chose them, and why we think Sprouting is AMAZING.

Buy your season diversity toolkit eBook here

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