Action with intent

Action with intent. What does this mean?

It feels like at this time of year there are so many swirling noises all around, saying about goal setting, challenging yourself, changing yourself, and diving into all the new exciting possibilities. BUT there is a key part that's missing. Goals are good intentions, but without action, they are just that; intention.

So how do we create action to our good intention?

While usually, I too am one of those big supporters of CHASING massive goals, I have approached goal setting different this year. I have these massive goals yet have broken them down differently.

I asked myself:

  1. What brings simple joy to my life?
  2. What do I need daily to pursue challenging tasks (BIG GOALS)?
  3. What makes me feel POWERFUL, INVINCIBLE?
  4. What skills do I need to learn to achieve my goals?

The most interesting part that I learnt from this was how simple things MAKE ME SO HAPPY.

  • Movement without agenda
  • building relationships
  • eating whole, abundant food
  • leaving my phone to charge in the office
  • Daily connection with nature

By implementing these SMALL daily actions (my now non-negotables) I have found the endorphins from these joy filling habits makes my big goals more achievable as I am more focused, grounded, and in line with where I want my life to go.

So I challenge you, sit down, write out your goals (however big or small they may be), and let's simplify it.

Ask yourself the above questions (it may take you a few days), then from your answers create your daily actionable items.

I assure you, you are 100% more in control to achieve your goals when even on the hard days, when you want to give up, you'll have your JOY non-negatable actions, returning you to your intent.

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