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Article: Lets high kick into 2022!


Lets high kick into 2022!

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had an amazing two weeks nourishing yourself, resting, reflecting, and reconnecting with yourself. 

I sure have, If you follow us on Instagram or facebook you would have seen in our stories how I spoke about nourishment being in many different forms and how every aspect was apart of my holiday. 

  • Nutritionally nourished

  • Environmentally nourished

  • Relationship nourished

  • Community nourished

  • Physically nourished

The list goes on. Nourishment looks different to everyone at different stages of life. 


I challenge you to sit down and think of moments where you truly felt nourished. There is no right or wrong as it is so individualistic. Find what truly speaks to your soul and then find ways to include these into your daily and weekly life. 

For me this looks like


  • 30 minutes movement

  • 3 balanced meals (I tend to eat at funny times)

  • one call with friend/ family

  • swim

  • read a chapter of my book


  • Date night

  • Paddle Board


  • adventure

  • finding ways to support our community more.

I hope by opening up about my nourishment goals you can begin to explore different ways you can nourish yourself. To expand joy in your life. It doesn't have to be the typical exercise and eat 'healthy' goals.  

One way that we are finding ways to support you more is by setting up 3 weeks of meals for you. So you can order, know your nutritionally nourished and then focus on how to improve the other areas of your life. 

Last day to order is the 31st January with the option to skip Waitangi weekend. 

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