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Article: Action with intent, need skills?


Action with intent, need skills?

Intent, action, but need skills?

Last week we talked about a different way of looking at goal setting. To create actionable non-negotables towards our intended goals, because when we are filled with joy (nourished), we are 100% more likely to achieve our goals, no matter how big or scary they might be. 

 We had a few replies to one of last weeks questions

  1. What skills do I need to learn to achieve my goals?

Such as : "what if i dont have the time or desire to learn such skills?'

Well, that's the beauty of this modern world, there a plethora of ways to have others support you on your journey to goal success. 

A way that Balance Me can help with any health/ time related goal is by offering you nutrient dense meals that keep you nourished and ready to attach the day but also saves you 1- 2 hours a day cooking and cleaning. 

By being nutritionally nourished, you will have more energy for every aspect of life, whether that be at work to complete your career goals, more energy to smash your movement goals, or for hobbies you never through you could do.

By saving time you have the opportunity to fulfil your JOY ACTION ITEMS, whether that be get your 8 hours of sleep, reconnect with friends or nature, set up your side hustle outside of work, advance your knowledge in your hobby. 

Honestly I could continue forever because I believe nourishment and time IS EVERYTHING. 

Does this answer your question? 

To summarise, its okay to outsource, as humans might not have all of  as Helen Keller said "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." 

So let us help

let us nourish you

Let us free up your time

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