Mid Year Reflections!

Wow 6 months into the year and 6 months left. 
This is an incredible time for reflection and planning. What went well and what didn't? 
What do I want to take into this next half of the year and what do I want to let go of? 
What parts of your week are easeful? 
What parts of your week are energising? 
How do I have gratitude for these while increase the easeful and energising moments?
What parts of your week are energy draining? How can I amend, improve, or change these parts of my week? 
I sat with these questions over the weekend and realised I kept saying "'I'll do this when...." and the most common factor was "I'm not so busy" 
Unfortunately if you only do the things you want and need for health when you're not busy, they will often fall off the wayside when you get busy again. As life rolls in seasons of business, calmness, and change we need to keep looking after ourselves through them all. 
For me, like many of us, I needed to remove the "all or nothing" approach it was about setting smaller, more achievable goals. So when I access my health pillars: Nutrition, Community, movement, education, and environment. I found that movement is my current struggle, this week I've made it as simple as a 30 minute walk a day and 15 minutes of stretching. 
This is your reminder, Life and goals do not need to be complicated, we can make them to fit and meet our lives, we just need to ensure we remain true to ourselves, our values, and needs.
So I ask you, How are you going to move yourself into a more energised and easeful life for the remainder of 2023?

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