Returning to the balance. Considering the health pillars in you life

When do you know its time to go with the flow or time to buckle into a routine and stay committed? 
I find this question the everlasting question, and honestly, there is never really a correct answer, there is simply a crux, a moment in time where you must stay true to yourself, evaluate, and make a decision. 
This last month with all of the change I have been going with the flow (more so flying by the seat of my pants). But today is the day I decide (and you can too). Today is the crux.
Ask yourself, Do I want to continue flying or take control of what I can and find a new normal in my new days?
Returning to the balance. Considering the health pillars in you life and what you can achieve right now. 
For example, This is my plan
  • Nutrition - When time gets busy, food gets pushed (yes I'm human too), so I will continue to monitor and practice regular eating windows. 
  • Movement - Instead of the currently unachievable 4 days a week of heavy strength training and 1 cardio boxing session I will be doing 2 days a week of yoga or Pilates, 2 strength sessions, and 1 cardio boxing session. 
  • Community - There have been alot of big events on, but I am missing the 1-1 connection so I will get back into starting my mornings with friends, morning walks, phone calls, connection. 
  • Education - I've never been much of a baker but we are opening a weekly café for the residents in the village, so I will be expanding my baking craft; experimenting and learning. 
This is the beauty of treating life like an experiment, every day you get to decide what is in and our of your control. What opportunities you will jump at and what you will not. 
When you are truly connected to what you want and what your body and mind needs you are empowered to make these decisions. 
So I challenge you to reflect, where are you at? What do you, your mind, and your body need right now from your health pillars? 
Do you need external support? Balance Me is here delivering your meals to your door weekly! We also have more educational workshops on the way! If you have something you would like to learn about please let us know as we are in the process of planning the workshops.  
Looking forward to hearing your plan, 

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