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Article: Megan experience of a week with Balance Me - part 2

Megan experience of a week with Balance Me - part 2

Megan experience of a week with Balance Me - part 2

My Second Week with Balance Me - Even More Plant-Based Deliciousness!

After an impressive first week with Balance Me, Wanaka's plant-based meal delivery service, I was so excited to get try another week’s worth of meals! The convenience and quality of the meals had won me over, and I was eager to see what culinary delights awaited me this time. Here’s a detailed look at my second week with Balance Me.

Day 1: Lasagne Served with Vegetables

My week began with a classic comfort food – Lasagne. This version was a plant-based marvel, layered with a rich tomato base and hearty filling, topped with a creamy sauce. Alongside the lasagne was a medley of perfectly steamed vegetables that added a fresh, crisp contrast to the dish.

The lasagne was indulgent and satisfying, with each layer harmonising beautifully. The steamed vegetables on the side were vibrant and fresh, making this meal a wholesome and well-rounded start to my week.

Day 2: Enchiladas Served with Jackfruit Salad and Mild Salsa 

Day 2 was a standout with the enchiladas, which quickly became my favourite meal of the week. The enchiladas were stuffed with a delicious blend of beans and vegetables, topped with cheese, and baked to perfection. Accompanying this were a refreshing jackfruit salad and a mild salsa.

The enchiladas were packed with flavour – the filling was savoury and satisfying, the sauce added a nice kick without being overwhelming, and the tortillas were soft and slightly crispy at the edges. The jackfruit salad was a revelation, offering a fresh and slightly sweet counterpoint to the rich enchiladas. The mild salsa tied everything together with its bright, zesty flavours. This meal was a delightful fusion of tastes and textures that left me thoroughly impressed.

Day 3: Falafel with Creamy Kale, Kumara, and Pumpkin on the Side

Mid-week, I enjoyed a vibrant dish of falafel with creamy kale, kumara (sweet potato), and pumpkin. The falafels were perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, seasoned with a blend of spices that gave them a delicious, aromatic flavour.

The side of kumara, pumpkin and kale was equally impressive with its rich, velvety texture and subtle garlic undertones. The kumara and pumpkin were roasted to perfection, offering a sweet and earthy contrast to the savoury falafel. This meal was not only delicious but also beautifully balanced and nourishing.

Final Thoughts

After two weeks with Balance Me, I can confidently say that this plant-based meal delivery service continues to exceed my expectations. Each meal was thoughtfully crafted, showcasing a variety of flavours, textures, and ingredients that made every day a culinary adventure.

The convenience of having these nutritious, delicious meals delivered right to my doorstep cannot be overstated. It's made my week nights so much more effortless and enjoyable. If you're in Wanaka, Cromwell, Queenstown or Dunedin and looking to embrace plant-based eating, or simply want to enjoy some incredibly tasty and convenient meals, Balance Me is definitely worth a try.

Here’s to another week of balanced, plant-based deliciousness!

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