How it all began.

And how its going

Owning a business is a funny journey, from idea conception to growth and going down paths you never though you would. ⁠I get asked multiple times, how did you come up with the idea of Balance Me. So I thought I would put some ideas to paper.

You see my family lost our incredible father in 2007 and while its nearly been 15 years, his influence is still with me every single day. While living a 'healthy life' he was still taken from us way to early. ⁠

⁠When I was younger I wanted to be a chef or a teacher, I was constantly asking mum If I could help her in the kitchen, when honestly its hard enough cooking and feeding 6 children let alone that time becoming a learning space, and yet she did it. Thanks Mum. ⁠

Fast forward a few years and I became a Ski Instructor. I taught all ages and abilities and oh wow I learnt so much. I started to track peoples behaviour, confidence and energy levels throughout the day especially around lunch time. Clients would say- "I'm getting tired, lets go in for lunch," and depending on what they ate sometimes they would come out more tired and lower in confidence then when we went in. This is where my belief system around food really started to shift. ⁠

From these three life stages, Balance Me was born, a burning desire to educate, inspire, and create change around our food systems and the way we eat. The power of food is honestly incredible and hearing feedback like below makes my heart sing.⁠

"Balance Me supported me through Chemo"⁠

"Balance Me helped me heal my acid reflux" ⁠

"Balance Me helped me heal my relationship with food"⁠

"Balance Me has opened my eyes to so many delicious foods"⁠

"Balance Me makes me feel alive" ⁠

When you start a business it begins as a dream, a vision. Throughout our first year, Dads encouragement saying 'You can do it" from learning to ski continues to ring in my head to wipe out any doubt and It rung through massively yesterday when we had a record breaking day in the kitchen. His message changed from "You can do it" to "look you've done it." ⁠

So here's to Mum for teaching me the basics of cooking and healthy meals, all of my clients entrusting me with their learning and safety and then my questions about their diet and finally Dad, even though you're not here, your lessons live on. Thank you for always showing us to live life to the fullest, without fear and you only live once so never be afraid to try.

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