We are here to support everyone

When I started Balance Me, my goal was to help you build your inner health toolbox.

To help nourish our community, whether that be through education, food, or creating a bridge to a more plant-diverse life.

With everything going on right now I honestly feel like we are the chia seeds in this chia pudding I’m shaking up but no matter how shaken we get, my goal is to continue feeding EVERYONE in our community, Especially with this smile on my face.

As an essential service we will continue to nourish you no matter your choice.

We choose unity

We choose community

We choose nourishment.

Overall not much will change as we move into this traffic light system. However, we will be functioning like we are in level 4. Completely contactless. All meals will be delivered to your home, while we love to see your smiling faces we ask during this time to please remain in your home and collect your meals after we have stepped away.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or need support during this time.

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