F45 Medium Meals


Are you attending F45?

Are you ready to be energised to smash your goals out the park?

80% of your results will depend on your nutrition and we have you covered! 

Your meals will be created from our incredible regular weekly menu but have been adjusted to fit your 450 calorie target with 20-30 grams of protein.

Some notes:

  • Cut off is 5pm Friday evening.
  • Please add any allergens or menu selections to the comment box in your cart. 
  • The nutrition panel on the label is the information for our regular meals. Please be assured your meals fit your requirements. 
See ingredient list, nutrition panels, and heating instructions here

All Meals are made in a kitchen handling peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, gluten, sulphites, and soy products.

Due to being a shared facility, there may be traces of eggs and milk as they are on site. However, these are not used in our products.


Smokey Tahini Salad with Black Bean Burger

Mexican Burrito Bowl


Chickpea Korma
to Wanaka, Cromwell, and Queenstown on Monday 5th of June

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