Thriving Everyday Workshop


Thriving Everyday

Small Changes Big Impact

Sustainable health is a formula. Lets learn together in an interactive workshop where we deep dive into the 6 pillars of thriving. Where the world of Psychology and Nutrition combine. 

Join Empowered with Raphael, Holistic Counsellor and Olivia, Founder of Balance Me for an evening where we inform using the latest psychology informed research in nutrition, neuroscience, nervous system and mental health practices

This isn't just a talk, this is a opportunity for change, to receive actionable tools specific to your journey and how to implement small daily actionable habits that create impact for a more balanced life.

WHERE: Lake Wanaka Centre
WHEN: 6th December 2022
TIME: 7pm-8.30pm 

You'll learn

  • Everyday health forming nutrition habits
  • Nourishing, energy producing recipes
  • The foundations of how to work with your nervous system
  • The neuroscience behind anxiety
  • Management tools for stress and overwhelm
  • Building up your community
  • How to reconnected intentionally
  • How to recognize key focus area for YOUR health journey

We are here to help people thrive.

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You will enjoy delicious samples of plant-based food and drink as part of your educational journey.

Come away from the workshop with the next steps you need to take.

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